royal randwick racecourse

Ceecorp was contracted to construct the new parade facilities, footpaths and roads at Royal Randwick Racecourse and prepare the site for construction of new day stalls and the equine centre. 


The original undeveloped site was affected by asbestos and bitumen contamination and required remediation before the works were carried out.


The bulk excavation included the removal of over 18,000 cubic metres of sand from the site.  Once cleared, the site foundations and slab preparations were carried out using Ceecorp’s laser levelling equipment.


Precision finishes were also required given the significant unbroken lengths of paving and roadworks with minimal falls.  Accordingly, the civil works were undertaken using our specialist equipment capable of trimming and levelling sand to fine tolerances.  The project involved a total area of detailed paving and roadworks in excess of 18,000 sqm.


As with all Ceecorp projects, we were able to adjust our operations to suit the conditions – in this case, the need to undertake the works alongside valuable livestock unused to any sort of construction noise.